Facing the Forces of Change®: Navigating the Seas of Disruption

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Author: Paul St. Germain

“This Facing the Forces of Change report may be the best version published! It makes me a little uncomfortable, which is how we all should feel in any free-market business. I especially appreciate the research on generations in the workforce and how each makes decisions.”

—Michael Medart, President and CEO, Medart Engine & Marine

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Author: Paul St. Germain

This is the only major research study analyzing the future of wholesale distribution within multiple lines of trade.
Since its inception in 1982, the landmark Facing the Forces of Change® series continues to provide insights about the overall future of wholesale distribution and the role of wholesaler-distributors. There is no other trends research report that covers multiple lines of trade and provides deep research, insights from best-in-class distributors and practical applications that benefit distributors of all sales volumes.

Wholesaler-distributors are living in times of great change and even greater opportunity. In this 11th edition—Facing the Forces of Change®: Navigating the Seas of Disruption—we explore these changes and opportunities in light of the many marketplace disrupters that are causing distributors to rethink their approach to technology, business processes and, most importantly, the customer experience.

Many of the forces identified in the last edition have only intensified and continue to exacerbate the change occurring today. A difficult economy, advancing technology, rapidly changing customer requirements, shifting demographics and tight margins have placed distributors at a crossroads, where they must take bold steps toward becoming more “customer centric”—leading to a maximization of the overall customer experience.

Compounding matters, these market conditions have unleashed a set of disruptive forces—in the form of new competition, technologies, business processes, government rules and regulations, and more—that are causing distributors to reconsider and redevelop their approach to value creation today.

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